With so much money, corruption and abuse, it seems as though it would be impossible to ever stop the global engine of Human/Sex Trafficking. We cannot lose hope…2 million children are at stake today and millions more to follow. Here are some steps you can take now;

Stop watching porn!

You heard me correctly, stop watching porn. Every time you click on a link to view pornographic images or videos you fuel the global Sex Trafficking economy. As people watch more and more pornography their likes become more and more deviant. Just like any addiction the same old thing doesn’t do it for you and you need to go to something different to get satisfaction. What was once considered abnormal and sexually deviant is now being considered as the new “norm.” At the Cyber Crimes Center in Fairfax, VA agents are tracking a noticeable spike in trends of “harder” pornography being viewed and watched. As we a people, country and planet become more desensitized to deviant sexual behavior we will also become desensitized to the sexual exploitation of children and the frequency of people trafficked will continue to sky rocket.

Get informed. Ignorance fuels the global Human/Sex Trafficking epidemic. I have attached links to many fine organizations that deal with trafficking both globally and domestically. Read the articles I referenced here to get the full force of what is truly happening in the world today. Watch documentaries and movies that have recently been produced specifically involving trafficking.

Many of you may have seen the 2009 movie “Taken” starring Liam Nesson which tells of a girl kidnapped in Paris and sold into the dark underworld of sex trafficking while her father (Nesson) goes on a rampage determined to bring her back.

Another excellent work is based on one of the articles referenced in this post called “The Girls Next Door” with the movie adaptation titled “Trade.” The movie, made in 2007, stars Kevin Kline and hits much closer to home as a 13 year old girl and 23 year old woman are trafficked from Mexico into the United States ultimately reaching New Jersey to be sold via the internet to the highest bidder. Both movies are not “true” stories per se but are based on actual events that happen everyday.

Get connected. One of the biggest issues in the United States regarding the Sex Trade is that no one believes the elephant is in the room. Reported in the “Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents, 2008-2010” you can see that Labor Trade task forces are over three times more likely to be formed than a Sex Trade task force.14   Unfortunately, many agencies will not face the truth, Human/Sex Trafficking is flourishing in America and many more countries worldwide. We must take action to awaken those in areas of power and influence to the epidemic that is sweeping our country. Contact your Senator, Congressman, Governor, Mayor and others responsible for passing laws to make them aware of what is happening and rally them to a course of action. Think of it this way, every time you speak boldly a life may be saved.

Get involved. Isaiah 1:17 states “Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” This is not an option. God has commanded us to treat each other with respect and dignity because we are all made in his image. Not only is sexual exploitation a crime against all of humanity, it is a crime against our Maker. The more people that are involved in actively stopping the Human/Sex Trade the quicker it will begin to vanish. There are many organizations you can become apart of by donating your time, energy, talents and money if you feel motivated to action. Even if you do not feel motivated to action at this moment I would ask that you pray about this evil epidemic upon our world today and see how God stirs your heart in this matter. An excellent resource with 10 action steps is located online at Exodus Cry (15) an organization whose goal is to end human trafficking and modern day slavery through prayer, action and awareness. And lastly, if you know of abuse happening make sure you report it immediately, if you cannot report it email me and I will take action for you. Together let us seek justice and defend those who cannot defend themselves.

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14Characteristics of Suspected Human Trafficking Incidents, 2008-2010


15 http://exoduscry.com/action