Recently, God has been working in my life or should I say shaping my life. I’ve come to realize that during this time the analogy God uses in the Bible about being clay in His hands has become more a reality than a good word picture.

Here is the beautiful thing about clay, if you keep it moist and supple it can be continuously molded and shaped. As the potter turns the wheel and skillfully runs his hands over the wet clay the impurities can be rooted out and the smooth clay begins to take its beautiful form. Should a new impurity form, it can be dealt with and removed. The clay itself can be flattened and in just a few moments be reshaped into the form the potter desires. All of this is only possible while the clay is moist and supple in the hands of the Potter.

Now if clay does not stay moist and supple it begins to become hard and brittle. Once the clay becomes hard it is no longer good for shaping, the clay will retain the shape that it remains in. At this point there is only one recourse for the clay…to be broken.

God works the molding of our lives the same way. Many times when we are going through a struggle in our lives God is shaping us for the beautiful form he has in mind for us. The key is to stay moist and supple in the hands of the Potter and trust that His design is perfect, His skill is beyond compare and His love for His creation is beyond understanding. If we reject God’s shaping the wheel stops and we slowly grow hard and brittle, no longer being useful to pour water on us for the shape has been set. The only way we can be shaped at this point is to be broken and for Potter to begin again.

We’ve all been broken, we cannot be fixed until we are. Stay supple in the hands of the Potter and trust that He is shaping you for His perfect purpose.